OIL be there for you

OIL be there for you

A cutting board is the most used product in most kitchens, and with a quality wooden board in use, they can be even more valuable. These days, people like to not only prepare their meals on these elegant boards, but also use them as serving plates for gatherings and the famous charcuterie spread.

While wooden and marble cutting boards are beautiful and durable they do require a little extra love and attention. Regular cleaning of your board is essential as well as applying an oil for cutting boards to keep it looking good and working at its best. 

Acacia wood cutting boards are one of the most popular types of material used for superior cutting boards, and this unique wood has a range of benefits to the owner. Just like any quality wood, though, you will need to care for it correctly with a mineral oil cutting board product and regular cleaning. Don't worry, at Coquere Kitchen we provide a dropper bottle of food grade mineral oil with every board purchase, a little goes a long way!

How to oil your cutting board

Now that you have the best oil for the job, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps to finish the process. Allow for one to two days for the entire job, as there is some drying time in between steps.

Clean your board

Besides the regular cleaning you should be doing after each use, it is helpful to give it a thorough clean before you decide to oil the board. 

Allow time to dry

After a thorough clean, leave your board out in the open air to dry. It’s best to do this overnight so you can ensure that no moisture is trapped deep inside the wood grains.

Oil your board

Take your food grade mineral oil from Coquere Kitchen and use the dropper to drop oil all over your board. Using a clean, dry rag in slow and steady movements, coat the surface of the board and massage the oil into the wood and marble.

Allow the oil to dry

After applying the oil, you’ll need to leave the board again to dry completely. Try to oil it at night before heading to bed and let it sit overnight to soak in all those useful qualities. 


The first time you oil your board, you can be a little more generous with the oil as this will allow it to reach deep into the surface. Once the board has been broken in, only apply enough oil to cover the surface without applying too much. With these few simple steps, you’ll be adding years to the life of your favorite kitchen accessory!




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